Windlass Power Winch

M16 Windlass

Martin 16 Windlass is a self-contained, portable power winch system for the main and jib sheets of any standard Martin 16 sloop. The Windlass may be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the Power-Assist Joystick or Sip & Puff Control Module. The Windlass installs in minutes on top of the Martin 16 keel, and main and jib sails are trimmed in unison via either a large toggle switch on the rear panel of the Windlass enclosure, or remotely by the joystick or sip & puff stalk (or Wireless Remote Control key fob).

Emergency Release of the sheets in the case of system malfunction is provided on both winch drums via a “quick-release” pin that can be operated with minimum manual dexterity.

Any 12V power source can provide power to the Sip & Puff Module: 1) the portable Power-Assist Battery Module or 2) a “house battery”
on boats equipped with 12V DC power.

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