Optional Equipment

Power-Assist System Adapter Kit provides necessary conversion parts and instructions to make pre-1999 model Martin 16s accept the Power-Assist System. (Martin 16s manufactured after 1999 do not require this kit.)

Wireless Remote Control (optional at the time of order of the system) As a safety feature, a convenient automotive-style "key fob" remote provides convenient push button remote control of system functions. The remote may be used, for example, by an Instructor or person sailing with a sip & puff sailor.

Auxiliary Sheeting Functions (optional at the time of order of the system). Two additional bi-directional DC motors may be controlled by the Power-Assist System, via the “y” axis of the joystick. These auxiliary functions may be used to control the jib trim, boom vang, and outhaul. Status indicators for these functions are provided on the Joystick Module.

Custom Pelican 1600 Shipping Case is a tough, waterproof shipping case for your Power-Assist System, with a foam-filled compartment for each component of a Power-Assist System. If you travel with your system, the Custom Shipping Case will keep your system organized and secure from shipping wear and tear.

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