Joystick Module

Self-contained, portable, weatherproof system components are intended for outdoor use in marine environment. The Power-Assist System can be installed in minutes on any standard Martin 16 sloop, or any other tiller-steered sloop (Freedom 20, Sonar, Catalina 22, etc).

Joystick Module

Power-Assist Joystick Module contains the main control computer and a joystick control in a weatherproof enclosure. The Joystick Module is light and can be positioned comfortably beside the sailor – to the left or right – or on the sailor’s lap if necessary. Built-in "armrest" provides support for the sailor's arm for familiar wheelchair-like operation.

L.E.D. battery meter provides battery state indicator before and during your sailing session. Any 12V power source can provide power to the Joystick Module:

  1. The portable Power-Assist Battery Module or
  2. A “house battery” on boats equipped with 12V DC power.

Auxiliary motor control (option). The Mk IV Joystick Module will control up to three additional bi-directional DC motors, via the ““y” axis of the joystick. These auxiliary functions may be used to control the jib trim, boom vang, or outhaul, for example.

Emergency Disengage of the helm drive motor in the case of system malfunction is provided via a “quick-release” pin that can be operated from the rear seat of the Martin 16. (Note: Emergency Disengage is not accessible to helmsperson.)

Wireless Remote Control (option) provides wireless control of all functions of the Power-Assist System, using a convenient and compact “key fob” remote control (automotive style). The Remote Control may be used by a person sailing with a sip & puff sailor, or an Instructor in a motor boat.

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