Sip & Puff Module

Sip & Puff Module provides a sensitive pneumatic control interface, allowing high-quadriplegic sailors to control the Power-Assist System functions using their breath.

Sip & Puff

The sip & puff interface is a chest-mounted control “stalk”. The stalk positions two pneumatic “straws” within reach of the sailor’s lips: one to control the HELM and one to control the WINDLASS.

Any 12V power source can provide power to the Sip & Puff Module: 1) The portable Power-Assist Battery Module or 2) A “house battery” on boats equipped with 12V DC power.

Wireless Remote Control (option) provides control of all functions of the Power-Assist System, using a convenient and compact “key fob” remote control (automotive style). The Remote Control may be used, for example, by a person sailing with a sip & puff sailor, or an Instructor in a motor boat.

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Sip and Puff

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